Address-Free Shipping

Your Smart Solution for Eco-Friendly and Convenient Package Delivery

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Ship with peace of mind

Choose from a wide network of convenient pickup locations and say goodbye to missed deliveries and package theft.

How it works

Ship Your package

Send your package to a pickup location instead of a home address.

Receive Notifications

Receive a notification when your package arrives at the selected pickup location.

Pick up at your convenience

Collect your package at a time that fits your schedule, hassle-free.

Benefits of using

Reduce Road Congestion

Reduce Road Congestion

Fewer delivery trucks in residential areas mean less traffic and a smoother commute for everyone.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Lower Carbon Footprint

Help us protect the environment by reducing the distance delivery vehicles travel, thus minimizing emissions.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

With secure pickup locations, you don’t have to worry about package theft or damage.



Access your packages on your schedule at nearby, secure locations.

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We make your package delivery seamless, secure, and sustainable.